Glass bottom boat, Excursion in Sharm

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We invite you to a boat trip with a glass bottom, the trip is an ideal entertainment for the family, children, parents and seniors, the excursion usually lasts about an hour,

Relax with your child in one of the hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh? Do not worry if you can not make a deep dive with him because of the very young age of the baby. To get acquainted with the fantastic world of corals of the Red Sea it is possible and in a simpler and safer way - with the help of a tour of the reefs on a boat with a glass bottom.

From the morning, your guide will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Sharm el-Sheikh, where boats with glass bottom or panoramic windows are moored. Transfer to the departure point is usually included in the tour price. Get ready, very soon you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. You should only wait a bit on the deck, until the whole group gathers, and a friendly local guide will take you to a submarine painted in bright colors.

As a rule, such ships are equipped with huge size windows: approximately 3.5 x 2 meters. They tear the gaze of travelers with beautiful panoramas of coral reefs and their colorful inhabitants. From these species during the trip you will be breathtaking, because some reefs are not less than 20 000 years old! During this time, the corals curved in the most bizarre manner, acquired truly fantastic shades and became home to a huge number of fish and other sea creatures. You will see here sea urchins with long needles, stingrays, colorful fish (butterfly, surgeon, napoleon, clown, crib, and many others), sluggish moray eels will come to you at the windows and very short flocks of very small fishes will be floating very close to you. This spectacle makes an indelible impression on tourists, but especially such a walk is liked by children.

Typically, the tour lasts 1 hour, starting from the delivery to the pier and ending with a leisurely drift along the coral reefs.

During the tour, guides sharpen the attention of travelers to a particular fish, say the name, talk about it. After this excursion, you and the child will not only learn a lot of interesting things about the inhabitants of the Red Sea, but also will imagine how they look.

Tour Price

Adults: 15£
Children: 10£


Here is whats included in the price:
  • Transportation

Not Included

  • Drinks



1 Hours

Pick up time: 10:00 ~ 14:00


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